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We partake in international

trade as well as direct to consumer sale


Know About Bizslink

Our Story

Our story

about-us.jpg is a leading international trade company which is committed to establishing a bridge between manufacturers and customers while bringing the best quality products and services to customers. 


With offices located in multiple cities in China, United States and Europe, Bizslink is capable of establishing a trustworthy link between reliable manufactures and target customers globally. We have been striving to make a one-stop, online shopping experience, enjoyable for our customers. After years of effort, we have successfully established a stable partnership with many leading manufacturers in China. We have a long term agreement with these manufacturers to continuously provide the best products at very competitive prices.


We also help client companies to locate the right manufactures, design the products and ship the products in a timely manner. We provide the one-stop shop services for clients to ensure that clients are worry-free.

Our products

We pay particular attention to product quality control. We will only continue a working relationship with the supplier long as their products are of high quality. Our purchase department will personally sample and examine products before each shipment


We are proud that we have designed our own products and successfully created our own brands in the industries. In order to provide the pleasurable shopping experience, we provide detailed specifications, customer reviews, and high definition photos to describe every single product for our customers.



With branches located globally, we enable global sourcing and delivery.

We particularly focus on US and North America markets.

With warehouses in different states, we can quickly process the orders and ship the products out within one business day.

We promise to use the most efficient delivery method for each order.

Our Products
Customer Service

Customer Service

Our customer service team is dedicated to respond to all requests within 24 hours.

All the returns and exchanges will be processed within 3 days.

We honor 30 day returns on any products that customers are not satisfied with.

We also assign customer representatives; especially for our important clients.

Technology Information

Technology Innovation

​We are constantly striving to provide the best products in the realm of technology while continuing to innovate in our business processes to give the customer their best experience. With a combination of information technology systems management, we are able to provide services with the latest modern technology.

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