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job listings

Job listings


Position Description:

Manage assigned area(s) for the procurement of goods & services. This includes gathering information internally and externally on mill products used, negotiating pricing & delivery and selecting suppliers. 

Build collaborative relationships and interact with Production, Engineering, Maintenance and Stores in understanding needs/requirements. This specifically includes participation in department meetings to be effectively engaged in pertinent discussions. 

Facilitate supplier meetings as needed with stakeholders to review issues and/or opportunities. Meetings should have a published agenda with specific tasks to complete.

Drive cost reduction thru competitive bid savings and/or working with stakeholders and suppliers to identify opportunities in capital or other projects. Ensure competitive bid policies are enforced.   Collectively work to identify process improvements than can reduce costs or improve efficiencies. 

Turn requisitions into purchase orders in a timely fashion as an agreed upon metric, and respond to emergency situations quickly and with a high sense of urgency. 

All buyers are required to be in the rotation for weekend duty. Most of the weekend requirements for procurement can be handled at home and on the phone or e-mail.  


Demonstrated supplier management and negotiation skills. Ability to identify both required & desired outcomes from a meeting or situation, and be comfortable entering into difficult discussions/situations with suppliers or stakeholders. Show tenacity & initiative.


Demonstrated ability to comfortably and effectively communicate both verbally and in writing. This means the ability to develop agendas, lead meetings as a facilitator, and document & publish critical results. As the interface between suppliers and end-users, buyers often are expected and must be able to take the lead.

Persuasiveness – utilizing interpersonal styles and techniques to gain acceptance. Buyers must have the ability to persuade stakeholders internally and suppliers externally.

Analytical Skills – buyers must be able to relate & compare, securing relevant information and identifying key issues. This includes seeking and organizing information, and conducting relevant data analysis.


Financial & Qualitative Acumen – buyers need to demonstrate an understanding of the use, interpretation and impact of key quantitative and financial measures.


In combination with the skills above, buyers must also be collaborative in nature. Many decisions will be made in a team environment.

International Trade Specialist

Position Description:

Responsible for identifying and describing the local requirements/functional specifications of international trade procedures and subsequent communication with the product team for localization purpose, located in the central office of GTM, also responsible for monitoring the changes of these procedures, systems and legislation in the field of international trade in country or region of responsibility.


Also responsible for the evangelization of the new features thrown across releases/versions of GTM applications, with the service team and external implementation partners; by collecting information on project results achieved, level of customer satisfaction, offer of local competitors and level of compliance with legal requirements of the country or region under its responsibility and subsequent communication with the area of product at the central office.


Complete higher education. Area: International Trade; International Logistics, IT, or related areas;

Mandatory English, fluent or native language;

Good interpersonal skills;


Management of timelines;

Verbal and written communication.

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