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Welcome to Bizslink

Bizslink LLC is a cross border B2C company

We partake in international trade as well as direct to consumer sale

What is our story?

Bizslink LLC is a cross border B2C company. We partake in international trade as well as direct to consumer sale. We specialize in being able to effectively work with manufacturers to produce the highest of quality products and deliver them directly to the consumer. 


Houston, Shenzhen, Changsha


7000+ High quality products


200000+ customer’s high praises

and recognition


High Quality Products

We pay particular attention to product quality control. We will only continue to have a working relationship with the supplier long as their products are of high quality.



100% Customer Service

Our customer service team is dedicated to respond  to all

requests within 24 hours. All returns and exchanges will be processed within 3 days. We honor 30-day returns on all items.


Quick Delivery

With warehouses in different states, we can quickly process the orders and ship the products out within one business day. We promise to use the most efficient delivery method for each order.



Technology Innovation

We are constantly striving to provide the best products in the realm of technology while continuing to innovate in our business processes to give the customer their best experience. With a combination of information technology systems management, we are able to provide services with the latest modern technology.

Are you a supplier?
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We are looking for partners to collaborate with. If you are a supplier with high quality products, please use the form below to get in touch with us.

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here’s what our customers are

saying about us

Bought an application essay, got a scholarship in US, and very happy to move here now. Very helpful! Many thanks, Bizslink!


Emma Roberts


The cooperation is very happy, BizsLink provides the product with high quality and low price, the arrival of goods is fast!


Daniel lindemann

Cologne, Germany

Our business cooperation is very pleasant. When I have questions, the customer service staff answers them timely and professionally.


Frank Li

USA,New Jersey

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